Dudley’s BGM is a masterpiece

Mr. Russia. The bonus in the 4th volume will be the Allies.


Travel Conversation Book – Spain Edition
Spain – Welcome to the Kingdom of the Sun~! will appear!
In addition to the bits of knowledge, Spain was funny and enjoyable.
And thanks for your thoughts on the column of the America book!

And you will be notified about one more site.
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Britain’s tampering of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” was unusual

The Wikipedia photos of Norwegian Forest Cats are awfully cute.

I took the previous photos in this way.

Which reminds me, since I forgot to write about some recommended films, I’ll post them now.

– “Madagascar 2”: A lovely film that will make one cry, laugh, and love all the characters.
 I recommend this film to many people.

– “The Emperor’s New Groove”: An unusual adventure fantasy.
 It’s a Disney movie, and yet I had a feeling the entire time that the two guys would get lovey-dovey. (though the other was a llama)

– “Crazy Series” “Nippon Ichi Series”*
 Truly funny! “Crazy Ougon Sakusen”(Las Vegas Free For All) is this luxury

・”Valerie and Her Week of Wonders”: How come those glasses will endure impossible methods of killing

[T/N: “Nippon Ichi Series” and “Crazy Sakusen Series”: Two series of comedy films released between 1963-71 and created by members of 60s Japanese comedic jazz band Crazy Cats. “Las Vegas Free For All” (1967) is a film from the latter series about three guys who travel from Tokyo to Los Angeles. They then hear about how much money they could win at casinos in Las Vegas and travel there despite the troubles they encounter along the way.]
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From the drawing of Komachi and the others from Barjona Bombers. It enlarges if you click it.
The main characters are Tira and Iyuta. Once I’ve finished coloring, I’ll start the long, long process of creating supporting characters.

Chapter 1 finishes with just the old man and mother, the person in the next seat and the teacher, and 1~3 delinquents, but it seems like things are really gonna start heating up in chapter 2, so I want to keep track of time as I continue drawing it.
I’m swiftly redrawing the scenario, so it seems that it will be quite different when it’s finished.

Well then, I’ll do my best to finish what’s in front of me so I can give my undivided attention to the manga and game soon!

A few replies are after the break.
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