Norwegian Butter Crisis!!

The Norwegian butter crisis! Because of the recently popular diet methods, the demand for butter got so large that it practically disappeared from shops, as the story from everywhere informed.
It looks like Sweden will be on the lookout for butter smugglers bustling about.

And then Denmark’s butter support came!!
Will Norway’s Christmas be saved!?

Since it’s so cold in the Nordic countries, it isn’t surprising that the calorie intake there is rather high, so high in fact that it can put to shame even a calorie imperium like America.
Adding butter alone can possibly help with the digestion.
Something that probably won’t be a good idea in warmer countries….

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Starting tomorrow I think I will update the site.
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Belarus & Ukraine military uniform versions

Now that I think of it, there are plenty of pictures that aren’t in the gallery.

Speaking of Belarus, upon looking at it’s history, it’s often said that the Belarusian language and Belarusian history resemble each other.
If you think of gathering some data, Wikipedia has some very detailed books.
I want to keep on drawing her has having a strange childhood-friend-like relationship with Lithuania.
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