Denmark and Sweden’s friendly relations

■Denmark and Sweden’s friendly relations

Sweden and Denmark, who had who knows how many fights over a long period of time, were countries whose foundations were based on very similar industries. However, whereas Denmark deepened his relations with other countries and was able to depend on their cooperation, Sweden chose the stoic “I’ll pull through somehow if I do my best” route.

I was reading about Nordic history on the plane, and Sweden’s stoicness is really amazing! I’ll be updating the Halloween manga now!

Translation: hikari-kaitou
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A Ghost Appeared In the Haunted House

This year is ghosts!
The world is full of interesting ghost stories, and it’d be good to bring them together.

Denmark’s ghost hotel has famous ghosts appear in it. It’s rather modern in style.
Ah, let’s make mini-characters again!
I took and saved photos in Italy, and I’d like to post them.

Translation: tarafishes
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