Hetalia anime 6th season is coming!

I believe some of you know this already, but the 6th season of the Hetalia Anime will be starting next year! Look forward to seeing the characters move around again!

Also the first volume of Hetalia World☆stars will come out on sale in February! I shall work hard on fixing previous chapters and drawing new material for the book!
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Portugal and England and

England and Portugal formed the world’s oldest living alliance with The Windsor Treaty, which is still in effect to this day.
Apparently this treaty forms the basis of cooperation for these two countries.

There were even some British parliament members who neglected their own country because they were too engrossed in Portugal!
When it came to battling against Spain, England taught or lead Portugal how to fight.

A little bit of a revision.

Translation: kurukurumaki, don_amoeba
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Paruparu jeon-cha ← South Korean Tank


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