Abracadabra, you now want to be with Big Brother fore~ver♪

I’m going to keep doing this until the magic works!

The rate of growth of these two countries are different, but Canada, while not quite at the same speed as America, also grows faster than what is normal and his height does catch up with America’s.
After that, just like before, he gets told that he looks like America by everyone.

Translation: don_amoeba
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【 grouping all the stuff currently distributed together】


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They are all the same file. Please download from a number you like.

■ “Scary Stories from a Countryside High School” Demo

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They are all the same file. Please download from a number you like.
You will be able to try out the opening and some of A-kun’s story.
※There is blood in some scenes!
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[Request] France and England as children

>I want to see both France and England as children, with France gently stroking England’s head!

I’m sorry for being all over the place!
Hetalia World☆Stars Volume 1 poster and POP set ↓
There are also other types of posters besides the one in the photos.
If you happen upon them in a bookstore, please keep a look out for them.

When you flip over the cover.
For this cover, the designer used photos I’ve been taking and made a really cute design out of them!


This month’s Jump SQ will contain a special chapter of Hetalia!
Egypt’s Mom will be introduced.

Translation: kurukurumaki
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