Two Countries

Switzerland’s strength is that his banks have money from all around the world, so none of the other countries can meddle with him. The country’s terrain also acts as a stronghold. He has furnished shelters and is always ready for the possibility of a war; the hedgehog country Switzerland is pretty cool!

Translation: lost_hitsu, kurukurumaki
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The Terrible Tutorial of Green Hair of Elea

Things like worrying about Pochi-kun’s largeness.

At this length it’s said that if you don’t tie it in the back.
The problem is that it will hit you in the face, but I will still do my best on the Sixth Volume and New Serialization!
I’m very thankful for your mailed-in impressions and support.
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The field rations of the modern French army seem yummy

“American citizens aren’t involved anymore” American spokesperson to wandering Europe, IMF funding denied
“Wishing good luck” on the EU financial agreement, British prime minister out of the loop – Will Sweden follow?

And Russia is watching the situation.

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Hetalia Fantasia 3

Thanks for your passionate thoughts towards Hetalia Fantasia!
I’m really glad that you guys are looking forward to it.
In any case, the voice actors’ performances were most passionate.

There were more who applied the most for this 3rd one.
For those who said, “I haven’t heard the 1st and 2nd!”
I wonder if I can give the 1st and 2nd parts that I have to readers as a present.
I’ll try to suggest this.

And regarding the voice actors, they–heheheh

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Dudley’s BGM is a masterpiece

Mr. Russia. The bonus in the 4th volume will be the Allies.


Travel Conversation Book – Spain Edition
Spain – Welcome to the Kingdom of the Sun~! will appear!
In addition to the bits of knowledge, Spain was funny and enjoyable.
And thanks for your thoughts on the column of the America book!

And you will be notified about one more site.
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