This blog is to serve as an English mirror of Hidekaz Himaruya’s fc2 blog (ブログのような竹林2号機) and WordPress blog (ブログのような竹林2prototype).

This mirror was previously located at Bamboo Thicket 2 on LiveJournal.

Please do not ask me to contact Himaruya for you. You may use This Form to contact him.

Posts will be posted with their translation as it is available. Untranslated/partially translated posts will have the original Japanese. It collects translations from Hetascanlations, the Hetalia LJ community, the old Bamboo Thicket Mirror run by nisecal, and various other sources.

If you’d like to help translate, you can search for untranslated entries with the “needs translating” tag. Some entries may only need a title or short line translated.

Entries tagged with “yahoo blog” were recovered from an old Google cache of Himaruya’s original blog on yahoo. The images on these entries were lost and have been replaced with a placeholder image.

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