>In Nekotalia, which appeared in the 3rd volume, Japan-cat is called “Tama.”
What kind of names would the other country cats have, if they had any?

What about something like Gino for Italy-cat?

>Say the two Italies were to swap outfits, would those around them notice?
 1. Nobody would notice!
 2. There are those who would notice and those who wouldn’t notice!
 3. They’d be obvious!
 4. Their heights and faces are different in the first place, so it would be impossible!
 Likewise for America and Canada, I’m curious about the “degree of their resemblance”…

[T/N: barebare.jpg = obvious.jpg]

They’d be found out if they were together.

>I have one question,
how should I interpret the import and export map?

When I read the news, Germany had some kind of dependence on Austria’s economy,
so it was an amazing story once I put it all together.

>I was very pleased to hear that the “UEFA European Championship 2008” was jointly held in Switzerland.

It ended up being a great meeting with an amazing power balance.
The national flag banners of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Austria were utterly cute.

>Reading “The Awesome Frantic Me” in the 3rd volume, I thought
that I don’t really understand the design of his crotch cloth…
If it’s alright, could you provide a simple explanatory drawing?

He’s wearing hose underneath.
Even the coolness of things like national flags has its limit.

Translation: spaghettifelice, y4nderenka

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