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【 grouping all the stuff currently distributed together】


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■ “Scary Stories from a Countryside High School” Demo

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They are all the same file. Please download from a number you like.
You will be able to try out the opening and some of A-kun’s story.
※There is blood in some scenes!
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Hetalia World☆Stars volume 2 will be released!

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in so long again….
And Volume 2 of HWS will be released tomorrow with no incident!
I would be very happy if you enjoy it.

The anime is also almost here! This time I had them include THAT THING out of all things as an episode, so I’m really looking forward to it.

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[Request] Fully equipped?

>Fully equipped Littorio…?

I-I did my best!

Littorio actually has very good specifications, but can never fully realize her true power since she’s always hungry.
Since she doesn’t train her lower body, she has weak points everywhere.
The colors she wears are very charming, as if she’s saying “I’m here!”
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Two Countries

Switzerland’s strength is that his banks have money from all around the world, so none of the other countries can meddle with him. The country’s terrain also acts as a stronghold. He has furnished shelters and is always ready for the possibility of a war; the hedgehog country Switzerland is pretty cool!

Translation: lost_hitsu, kurukurumaki
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Looks dirty

Netherlands was very competitive against Spain at the beginning, but after knowing each other for several centuries, it’s like he’s given up, or just gotten used to him, thinking “so that’s the kind of guy he is.” Now they just fight each other fiercely in soccer, with moderate economic exchange.

Translation: hikari-kaitou, kurukurumaki, don_amoeba
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With Romano

Teacher Anicetus

Collar plate for escaped slaves.
The owner’s contact information was written on it.

These kind of collar plates were excavated from various late Roman era sites, but there are no pictures of these collars from during Claudius’ reign, when he greatly loosened the conditions of freedmen.
So it seems in Nero-chan’s time that they didn’t wear them?

As Claudius and Nero-chan both successively gave more rights to slaves, and the rich were the ones writing the history books, it’s understandable…

Being sold.

If they could find good work and be freed, they could start their own business, and apparently there were freedmen that were more successful than Roman citizens.

Besides Claudius and Nero-chan, many emperors beside Claudius and Nero-chan had slaves or freedmen for their best friends, lovers, or even advisors.

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