Abracadabra, you now want to be with Big Brother fore~ver♪

I’m going to keep doing this until the magic works!

The rate of growth of these two countries are different, but Canada, while not quite at the same speed as America, also grows faster than what is normal and his height does catch up with America’s.
After that, just like before, he gets told that he looks like America by everyone.

Translation: don_amoeba
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■ “Scary Stories from a Countryside High School” Demo

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You will be able to try out the opening and some of A-kun’s story.
※There is blood in some scenes!
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Tiger Upporcut

[T/N: The title is in reference to the 90s Japanese video game magazine “GAMEST” which was infamous for its typos and one of them was ‘uppercut’ (アッパーカット) misspelled as ‘upporcut’ (ウッポーカット).’]

It’s Romano with an unusual facial expression, but since I’ve changed it a little I’m uploading this one here.

You should get along better with your brother too! Just like me, I have a beautiful relationship with my brothers!

Nah that’s not what he’s saying.


Translation: don_amoeba
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Two Countries

Switzerland’s strength is that his banks have money from all around the world, so none of the other countries can meddle with him. The country’s terrain also acts as a stronghold. He has furnished shelters and is always ready for the possibility of a war; the hedgehog country Switzerland is pretty cool!

Translation: lost_hitsu, kurukurumaki
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