Japan-san and etc.

Japan-san with his fringe cut to the same length.

Fem!Poland and Fem!Lithuania as requested.
I’ve changed the design a little.

Thank you for reading my serialized manga!
I will be adding more characters very soon, so I’m been coloring some mini characters.
Also, it’s difficult designing the emperors!

And because of that, the emperors end up in Japanese armors or looking like rpg warriors or dressing in cool bad-boy style, it’s a little out of control like that…

Translation: don_amoeba
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Update 51P!

Somebody requested these girls to cheer them on for exams.

Update number 51!
Sorry it takes me so long.
I did so many interesting things today…!
Update 52 around 12.


The degree of exposure in North American cheerleader uniforms is really frightening.
I personally prefer the version on the right with the long sleeves.

Translation: lost_hitsu
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The British Commonwealth’s Rallying Style in Africa Was Pretty Amazing!

I love Italy when he’s like this! About the second panel, this anti-tank barrier was made by welding H-beams together,so trying to pound at it with a hammer wouldn’t actually do anything.

L3-chan- A petite, cute tank.

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