I’m really sorry for having been so late.

I finished one part of my work and planned to update, but I apologize for the update being terribly late in order to keep from overworking myself.
I’m really sorry! I’m full of apologies that it’s my fault for making you wait so very long.
When I finish one more part of my work, I’ll be okay to update, so I’ll really try to hurry to finish it.

Furthermore, thank you for all the warm mail you sent while I was sick and unable to work.
Is it that I was able to become greatly energetic, or is it that I was given a lot of energy?
I think it’s that I’m happy to be blessed with such nice fans.
I think that words are very powerful, Thank you very much!

Also, thank you for the Christmas and Valentine’s Day presents.
You’re all such creative people…!

I’m truly very sorry.
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The field rations of the modern French army seem yummy

“American citizens aren’t involved anymore” American spokesperson to wandering Europe, IMF funding denied
“Wishing good luck” on the EU financial agreement, British prime minister out of the loop – Will Sweden follow?

And Russia is watching the situation.

A few replies continue from here
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Mr. Yokoyama’s Sangokushi is the best after I got some work done!!
I updated the blog’s summary of the Barjona comic on the home page, and the details of this month’s issue!
The story for this month’s issue is about both of them becoming very good friends.

Approaching footsteps

And so, a few replies continue from here.
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London march

At first, she was a softer character,
but because strong women showed up a lot in Vietnam’s history, she ended up being very strong-willed.
I think about her while I watch the Vietnam episode of “Somewhere Street”.

I will, like, pause for a bit on the mini characters
I’m preparing biggish sizes of the Allies wallpapers.
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