Happily Ever After

And thus, Mister Prussia was able to read a story that was lovely like blue skies, sparkling brooks, and flapping birds.
And they lived happily ever after.

The late Mr. Sausage, who lived with two of the three greatest gluttons of the fairy tale world.
The difference between the first and seventh editions is funny.
Also, in Mr. Charles Perrault’s stories, the comments that he periodically inserted are stylish and lovely.

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History Copy Book page 1

【Knights Templar】

They used to offer protection and lodgings for pilgrims.
The Templars worked for the Christian church after they lost the Holy Land. But perhaps since they were so good at making money, they met a death so horrific you can’t blame them for coming back as zombies to seek revenge in Director Schnaas’ movies.

【Teutonic Knights】

So yeah, missionary work! Just do as I say-!! All right! I protected this land, so it belongs to awesome me now! Huh!? The Pope said something? That’s just birds chirping or something! (But if he’s really in trouble, he goes to him for help.)

Translation: don_amoeba, kurukurumaki
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Hetalia Fantasia 3

Thanks for your passionate thoughts towards Hetalia Fantasia!
I’m really glad that you guys are looking forward to it.
In any case, the voice actors’ performances were most passionate.

There were more who applied the most for this 3rd one.
For those who said, “I haven’t heard the 1st and 2nd!”
I wonder if I can give the 1st and 2nd parts that I have to readers as a present.
I’ll try to suggest this.

And regarding the voice actors, they–heheheh

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A flurry of scribbles

I’m gonna upload some scribbles!

The outline for my new index page drawing. I have another one with Greece. I’m planning to use them as my site’s banners.

Without his glasses.

>Where’s boss…?! Are you not going to post a chibi of him?!

Here y’are, order up!

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