Happily Ever After

And thus, Mister Prussia was able to read a story that was lovely like blue skies, sparkling brooks, and flapping birds.
And they lived happily ever after.

The late Mr. Sausage, who lived with two of the three greatest gluttons of the fairy tale world.
The difference between the first and seventh editions is funny.
Also, in Mr. Charles Perrault’s stories, the comments that he periodically inserted are stylish and lovely.

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With Romano

Teacher Anicetus

Collar plate for escaped slaves.
The owner’s contact information was written on it.

These kind of collar plates were excavated from various late Roman era sites, but there are no pictures of these collars from during Claudius’ reign, when he greatly loosened the conditions of freedmen.
So it seems in Nero-chan’s time that they didn’t wear them?

As Claudius and Nero-chan both successively gave more rights to slaves, and the rich were the ones writing the history books, it’s understandable…

Being sold.

If they could find good work and be freed, they could start their own business, and apparently there were freedmen that were more successful than Roman citizens.

Besides Claudius and Nero-chan, many emperors beside Claudius and Nero-chan had slaves or freedmen for their best friends, lovers, or even advisors.

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Day of chocolate

The day of chocolate is close!

>Are there any roman emperors whose names are easy to remember?!

Nero’s definitely comes out on top among all roman emperors, but this emperor is a close contestant.

A well learned, poetic emperor who was also a great speaker.

He became an emperor along with his older brother.

It might be cute to give him a mushroom eyepatch too.

For some reason, in an overseas website teaching people Japanese, an image of a mushroom is used to introduce Numerian. All the other emperors have images of marble busts but only Numerian’s is a mushroom.

At the other end of the spectrum, the more difficult names to remember are the two emperors Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus Pius Augustus and Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus Augustus.

In any case, while they were working as emperors alongside each other, all they did was fight.

They were on such bad terms with each other that every time they met they wouldn’t stop fighting.

And because Balbinus, a cultured and charming emperor, was so widely admired, Pupienus who was dull and always complaining was treated badly by history, despite having worked much harder than his counterpart, and those who recorded history were like “Balbinus is so cool! Balbinus is so well loved! Pupienus? What did he do again? Oh right, he went on a battlefield and came back.”

Translation: don_amoeba, kurukurumaki
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This week’s emperor: Mr. Gothicus

Click the picture to make it ridiculously large.

The one who debuted this week is the older brother of the Super Dimensional Emperor Quintillus, erm, full name Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus, Mr. Gothicus.
I drew him in close-fitting trousers that are easy to move in… Braccae are rather short.

In Rome he was a wildly popular hero of an emperor. Even Mr. Constantine II, the oldest of the three brothers who would come to rule Rome peacefully after Gothicus, was a huge fan of his, so much so that he’d brag about Gothicus being his ancestor.

The oldest brother was such a big fan of Gothicus that there are even rumors that he added weird things to the historical records about Gothicus, like “He could shoot lasers from his hands!” or, “When Gothicus smiled, the country prospered,” or, “Anyway, he was just a really great guy, ok?”

Translation: hikari-kaitou, y4nderenka
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