Cana Cana

This time the story covers a broader period, and I was able to draw about England’s naval blockade magic and his relationship with Canada.
Canada seems a bit small…
He’ll grow a bit by next time.

This naval blockade magic is so powerful that England himself can receive quite a lot of damage from it,
and it can easily develop into a scuffle-starting magic with countries that he didn’t have that much bad blood with, so the usage has to be very careful.

After this, the story will move from this difficult period in England’s house to Canada’s independence, although when seen from the perspective of English history, Canada’s appearance is soon overshadowed by all the other new faces like Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.
Is it because the other guys simply stand out more, such as Australia’s gold rush, and foreign trade in India and Hong Kong!?
And in the 20th century, America, who has a huge attitude but is reliable, appears…
England’s constant demand for America’s aid in 20th century is pretty incredible.
Even when reading books on English history, you’ll find a lot of moments that makes you think “didn’t he just ask America for help literally a page ago!?”

I touched a bit on the story of Napoleon and how the Nordics were caught in the crossfire of the naval blockade magic, but there are so many more interesting episodes there too.

Translation: lost_hitsu, y4nderenka, don_amoeba
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