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At first, she was a softer character,
but because strong women showed up a lot in Vietnam’s history, she ended up being very strong-willed.
I think about her while I watch the Vietnam episode of “Somewhere Street”.

I will, like, pause for a bit on the mini characters
I’m preparing biggish sizes of the Allies wallpapers.
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Mini Characters of The World


The one on the right is the draft. Apparently, beavers have been appearing excessively lately.
Back when he was being ordered around by Russia, he was asked to do and make lots of things that seemed impossible. But every time that happened, he was successful in his endeavour! He’s never done something like that before, but he managed to do it!
He’s a hidden genius like that.
But he tends to not do things unless he’s prodded, so lately he’s been slacking off.
He had a mild battle with Estonia over where the Christmas tree originated.


Lately, Vietnam’s been using her natural skillfulness to make all sorts of things.
In Vietnamese history, there are many accounts of strong women, so her looks have changed a bit compared to the earlier version.


He’s got more sheep than New Zealand!!


The birds native to Taiwan are too cute for words!!

【New Zealand】

I need to get used to drawing New Zealand…

The landscape of New Zealand looks like something out of a fantasy world, so it shows up as the background for movies made by other countries quite often.
Also, New Zealand makes movies as well, but they tend to be quite surreal, like the one about bloodthirsty sheep attacking humans, or that horror movie where there’s non-stop gut spilling.

Translation: maddred
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