Happily Ever After

And thus, Mister Prussia was able to read a story that was lovely like blue skies, sparkling brooks, and flapping birds.
And they lived happily ever after.

The late Mr. Sausage, who lived with two of the three greatest gluttons of the fairy tale world.
The difference between the first and seventh editions is funny.
Also, in Mr. Charles Perrault’s stories, the comments that he periodically inserted are stylish and lovely.

I caught an Itabby.
You can get a very different type of Pokkimon if you use round cell phones that pop open.

【The Era of the Brothers Grimm】

Due to their defeat by France, the Prussian army had their sides poked over every little thing, and every time something happened, they were pushed around in various ways and had a horrible time of things.
They were also toyed with by Russia. When it rains, it pours, huh?

Prussia’s daily life also changed considerably, like being charged high taxes and having to suffer through seeing France prancing around looking smug, just things that would make your eyelashes fall off, but on the bright side, there was a reevaluation of their old, anachronistic structure, and perhaps stimulated by the culture that France brought in, their culture and art became quite splendid.

It’s like France has a special power where art flourishes everywhere he has contact with.

Until then, the German principalities were hardly united, and despite having a kind of federation called Holy Roman Empire, they were at a state where they could easily become friends or foes depending on where their interests lie. That’s why while they grew and strengthened as individual entities, Holy Roman Empire didn’t grow up and his body was weak.
And when the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved due to other nations’ interference, it became the catalyst for the German Principalities to really think about what exactly Germany stands for, and it created an outpouring of nostalgia for Germany.

It was Prussia who made the first move after the threat of Napoleon had passed.

Prussia’s birth was unusual and his upbringing equally unique, and he’s thought of as a greenhorn among the German principalities. Even within the Holy Roman Empire, he was quite the maverick (even though he was originally a Catholic order!), but perhaps because of his strong affection for the Holy Roman Empire and Germany, he had an urgent need to become stronger. So he goes through several brilliant reforms, taking the stance of hammering out the bad stuff even if it’s tradition, and running about making every effort as he dreams about one strong, united Germany.

Prussia, who despite being a militaristic nation since the beginning, has weapons that were oddly old-fashioned, and his diplomacy policies were sketchy at best. This gruff character, whose main source of foreign income came from agriculture, actually brought the German principalities together at lightning speed. He also has an unbelievably good compatibility with mechanics that he became specialized in delicate work and research, so much so that this particular talent passed onto his younger brother and they became one of the greatest industrialized nations. At this time, none of the surrounding countries had so much as an inkling that it was even possible.

And Austria, whenever there’s a problem he would carefully take his time to deal with it, but before he knew it, the German principalities began to greet him awkwardly, and Prussia started flashing his muscles at him, and it really pissed him off.

They were under France’s rule when the Brothers Grimm started gathering fairy tales, and by the time they had finished writing the seventh edition, German unification had begun to gain a foothold. It was quite an era of upheaval, wasn’t it?

After that, Prussia, who took the lead, as well as the other German regions, chose the path of forming the foundation of one country called Germany, and this is how the present came to be.

In Mr. Canada’s chapter, the Napoleon tornado will make a small appearance.
But anyway, England during this time period really encountered a series of misfortunes.
Still, his countermeasures against Napoleon Yahoo France are interesting.




The first of next week’s chapter is a bit of a dirty joke.
Sorry, Germany.

Translation: y4nderenka, don_amoeba
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