Tiger Upporcut

[T/N: The title is in reference to the 90s Japanese video game magazine “GAMEST” which was infamous for its typos and one of them was ‘uppercut’ (アッパーカット) misspelled as ‘upporcut’ (ウッポーカット).’]

It’s Romano with an unusual facial expression, but since I’ve changed it a little I’m uploading this one here.

You should get along better with your brother too! Just like me, I have a beautiful relationship with my brothers!

Nah that’s not what he’s saying.


Translation: don_amoeba
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Happy Friends of the Italian Army

A random introduction of Italian tanks that I drew earlier.


Small and very cute.
Lightly clothed

Since he is a soft-hearted Italian, sometimes he tries to be tactful and asks ‘Should I help with something?’, but is only told, ‘just hang around somewhere out there’.

He tries to give M13/40 advice on the meaning of life but he has no idea that he’s having weird faces made at him behind his back.


Has main guns in weird places and is the big brother of M13/40. His defense is weak and he is not the smartest either.

When it’s time to sleep he always asks himself “I’m okay, right?” but it’s because he’s asking that he can’t sleep and he’s always gloomy.
Since he’s not alright, he can’t be comforted either.


The hard-working younger brother of M11/39.
He feels a lot of stress to make up for the things his older brother can’t handle.
He gets told things like “you better do your very best,” and the pressure of it seems like it might crush him.

Has a sandbag as well as jerrycans and they add to his stress in a physical way. Soooooo heavyyyyyyy.

M13/40 The Great

His older brothers were so useless that M13/40 went off on his own and betrayed them all by defecting to the Australian army. When it came to the Australian army, their level of expectations was more like “well, do your best,” and he found that encouraging.

“I want to keep on fighting and end up at least on the second place and make a name for myself!” Those dreams push him further.


The late-coming honour student.
Italy tried really hard and created this amazing tank. It’s so good that it can keep up with the members of other countries and in some points wins over all others.
But since it was created so late, most of them ended up in the German army.

I’ve been drawing them quietly for a long time and I ended up having quite a few designs lying around.
What’s so weird is that there are TOO MANY OLD MEN!

Probably since P40 is the youngest, these are around 27.
M11/39 and M13/40 are under 30.

The event where you can get chocolate from Mr.Kousaka sure sounds nice.

WW2 Valentine’s Day cards.
It looks like some mischievousness wasn’t completely forgotten even in difficult times.

Translation: lost_hitsu, hikari-kaitou
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Day of chocolate

The day of chocolate is close!

>Are there any roman emperors whose names are easy to remember?!

Nero’s definitely comes out on top among all roman emperors, but this emperor is a close contestant.

A well learned, poetic emperor who was also a great speaker.

He became an emperor along with his older brother.

It might be cute to give him a mushroom eyepatch too.

For some reason, in an overseas website teaching people Japanese, an image of a mushroom is used to introduce Numerian. All the other emperors have images of marble busts but only Numerian’s is a mushroom.

At the other end of the spectrum, the more difficult names to remember are the two emperors Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus Pius Augustus and Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus Augustus.

In any case, while they were working as emperors alongside each other, all they did was fight.

They were on such bad terms with each other that every time they met they wouldn’t stop fighting.

And because Balbinus, a cultured and charming emperor, was so widely admired, Pupienus who was dull and always complaining was treated badly by history, despite having worked much harder than his counterpart, and those who recorded history were like “Balbinus is so cool! Balbinus is so well loved! Pupienus? What did he do again? Oh right, he went on a battlefield and came back.”

Translation: don_amoeba, kurukurumaki
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This week’s emperor: Mr. Gothicus

Click the picture to make it ridiculously large.

The one who debuted this week is the older brother of the Super Dimensional Emperor Quintillus, erm, full name Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus, Mr. Gothicus.
I drew him in close-fitting trousers that are easy to move in… Braccae are rather short.

In Rome he was a wildly popular hero of an emperor. Even Mr. Constantine II, the oldest of the three brothers who would come to rule Rome peacefully after Gothicus, was a huge fan of his, so much so that he’d brag about Gothicus being his ancestor.

The oldest brother was such a big fan of Gothicus that there are even rumors that he added weird things to the historical records about Gothicus, like “He could shoot lasers from his hands!” or, “When Gothicus smiled, the country prospered,” or, “Anyway, he was just a really great guy, ok?”

Translation: hikari-kaitou, y4nderenka
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