Abracadabra, you now want to be with Big Brother fore~ver♪

I’m going to keep doing this until the magic works!

The rate of growth of these two countries are different, but Canada, while not quite at the same speed as America, also grows faster than what is normal and his height does catch up with America’s.
After that, just like before, he gets told that he looks like America by everyone.

Translation: don_amoeba
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Requests 1

>Please make America appear in Magical Strike!

Magical Strike and the shut-down crisis?!

Magical Strike has smoothly dragged the salaryman into his world and made him into his ally.
The enemy is changing sides, a shocking plot development!

But Strike is now in distress…!
The company president’s son came to the home party!
This is a private party!
Why does Strike now have to flatter the company president’s son!
Magical Strike transforms once again, so that he can try and drive into the 19-year old’s head the harshness of society…

【Magical Strike】

In order to combat the strange tension that’s appeared, Magical Strike suggests that they put on a skit. He’ll play Magical Strike, and the company president’s son will play the villain, and everyone at the party will go crazy for it.

His plan is that the suggestion will cause the company president’s son some inner turmoil and damage his pride so that he’ll go home, but the plan backfires, putting Magical Strike in his toughest situation yet.

【The Company President’s Son】

The Company President’s Son. Attends an Ivy League school.
He responded to Magical Strike’s offer of entertainment, and before it even began he started grumbling that he can’t continue until he’s the hero.
But once it commenced he easily got into it.

19 years old. When your opponent is this age, you’ll have the worst end result.
Uwaaa this 19 year old is super strong.

Translation: lost_hitsu, kurukurumaki, hikari-kaitou
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This is what’s going to be at winter comiket!!

Thanks to you all these are the things that will be available!
You can click on the image for a larger size!

The appearance of a new character, the “colleague”! He handles an enormous workload all by himself! He’s super strong!

Translation: kurukurumaki, don_amoeba
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