Allies Antlered Acrylic Key Holders and how to make custom dolls

Click for a bigger version. The Allies acrylic key holders.
The colours turned out even better than how they look on the screen, it’s amazing!

Y-kun’s recording was the other day!
The entire Scary Story staff are doing their best to bring you his gentle and soothing voice as quickly as possible.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Under the read more is an easy how-to guide for beginners to make custom dolls.
I made it since there were so many questions and requests.
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Various Announcments

It appears that there’s an event organized by a work partner of mine, Animate.
It’s the 5th anniversary of Animate’s Umeda shop! Congratulations.

Shimaoka Healthland will be participating in the 5th anniversary event.

It’s an event where you can enter a draw for a present that could be goods and such, with a ticket that you’ll receive by saying a password at the store!

■ Campaign Duration
・2016/4/1 (Friday) ~ 2016/4/30 (Saturday)

■ Entry Ticket Distribution Conditions
・During the campaign, customers who spend 1000yen or more at Animate Umeda shop will be given a draw ticket after saying a specific password. Presents will be given to 10 winners from all the entries!

■ Purchases that Count Towards the Campaign

■ Present
・Shimaoka Healthland Winter Comiket Goods Set
1. Scary Stories that Happened at a Countryside High School Design Artbook (autographed)
2. Extra book (Comiket version)
3. Postcards (the calendar part is from 2015)
Everything mentioned above will be inside the Comiket bag as a gift set!

Please see Animate’s official site for more detailed information.

And the password is……
“nya-nya-nya-nyaan!” (meow meow meow meooow)

Please participate by all means, thank you.

■ Thank You for the Valentine’s Day Chocolates!
Thank you for all your loving messages!
I read and appreciate each one of them. They made me really happy!
Romano is such a popular guy!

■ Antlered Acrylic Keychains

The printing of these fairly large acrylic keychains looks nice!
I like France’s antlers.

■ About the Game Update

Sorry for the belated announcement!
I plan to upload the Winter Comiket version and the Animate version simultaneously.
The main updates are fixes for bugs I was notified about from the online form, as well as some additional requests.
They are some additional scenarios + Y’s voice.

■ Hetalia Artbook 2 is Coming!

The 2nd artbook Arte Sole will include illustrations that weren’t in the first art book, as well as artwork from DVD jackets, calendars, and even character drawings of The Hetalia Horror Show game I recently distributed. There’s a 2 page spread with a collection of all the Goodnight with Sheep CD illustrations; I was surprised by how many I drew!!
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Announcements and stuff

【Hetalia Musical】

Hetalia is now a musical!

I’m really moved by the fact that a musical is something that’s created with the support from many people spending such a long time working on it. I’m really looking forward to the show!
Apparently the casting is not only based on the whether the actor feels in character, but great care is also taken for the height difference as well. Unbelievable.
The whole cast is really good looking, so it’s gonna be fun once they start bringing the characters to life!

【From Azone】

Azone International will seriously! be creating Hetalia dolls.
They were able to make Japan’s military uniform really cool in 3D, so please look forward to it!

Azone’s Japan is photogenic from the front view. *This is a doll that’s been painted by the author.

【From Animate】

They made a special feature page for “Scary Stories from a Countryside High School”.
If you have a copy of the game from the Winter Comiket in 2014, you can download a patch that updates it to the version sold at Animate.
I am very sorry for the long wait.

Demo version

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 Link 7 Link 8 Link 9 Link 10 Link 11 Link 12 Link 13 Link 14 Link 15
They are all the same file. Feel free to download from your favorite number. 
※There is blood in some scenes.

Illustrations of the acrylic keyholders. Acrylic keyholders are something you can DIY.

【Volume 3】

I’m drawing some extra materials!


don_amoeba, kurukurumaki
tumblr | Original

Hetalia World☆Stars volume 2 will be released!

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in so long again….
And Volume 2 of HWS will be released tomorrow with no incident!
I would be very happy if you enjoy it.

The anime is also almost here! This time I had them include THAT THING out of all things as an episode, so I’m really looking forward to it.

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