Sweets and Southern Europe

A churro and Boss.

Greek sweets called Koulourakia.

>Male Monaco, since he was left out on April Fools Day!

Celebrity that gets things done: Monaco.
There are three various explanation for the name origin, but the one with the legend of Heracles seems to be the most popular one.

Blessed from his birth with an excellent location that on the other hand often became a target of attacks, he had to get a good grip of various ways to ensure his safety; like building fortresses against invasions or his clever usage of foreign relationships between countries.

He was originally under Spain’s protection. He meddled with his affairs on various occasions, but…

France: “See, I told you it’s better for you to stay with me!”

Formed a union with France in 1641, since then leaning more towards him.

The French Revolution influenced Monaco too, the government and the nobility lost their privileges and their property was confiscated, and Monaco became a French city.

After the Congress of Vienna, Monaco became a protectorate of Sardinia, but in the chaos of the Italian unification and with France’s help, he gained his independence.

Ratification of the Treaty of amity and cooperation between France and Monaco

Basically, his relationship with France is rather good despite that one time when they had an argument. However after 48 hours, he gave in as he said, “It’s no good without Big brother France”.

(T/N: The tuna talk has probably to do with this)

Translation: lost_hitsu, spaghettifelice
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