It’s new!!

I’ve made a new blog!
It’s easy to use, and you can arrange pictures and photos layouts; it sure is fun.
Thank goodness I can finally make separate pages for things like Scary Stories That Happened at a Countryside High School and the games!

I rereleased the Scary Stories game and extra book at Animate.
I apologize that the update patches and download links of both versions are still in preparation and will take a little more time.
The patch will include the addition of the long-awaited voice for Y-kun and some strengthening of the stories of the characters who didn’t have much plot.
I hope you will enjoy the newly added stories after the long time it took to produce them.
The story about the new writer’s history is something that they heard from a real source, so it’s scary!
Mr. Clone 13 also put a lot of effort into debugging, embedding and animating the game.

Also, India’s explanation in Jump+ was too simple, wasn’t it?
When I looked at it again, I thought, “there’s definitely more to write about!”
That’s right. Let’s deliver curry to India.

Translation: y4nderenka, don_amoeba
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