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News relating to Winter Comiket!

December 29th Comic Market 93
I will have the privilege of participating with “Shimaoka Healthland” at East 3 Table A-61b.

Items for Distribution are:

  • InaKowa Set: 6000 yen (Game + Omake Book 2, Omake Book 3, Acrylic Keyholder (3 random kinds), T-shirt (1 random kind), Ticket Case, Non-woven Fabric Bag)
  • Scenario Collection: 500 yen
  • Scary Stories From a Countryside High School Game + Omake Book 2: 1000 yen
  • Design Artbook: 1000 yen
  • ◎Smart Phone Case: 3000 yen
  • ◎Ticket Case: 1000 yen
  • ◎2018 Calendar 1000 yen

It’s as stated.

1 piece of paper will come attached with all distributed items.
With everything, it will be only 1 piece per customer, and they will get only one of any product with ◎.
We’ll have distribution details, in consideration of the burden for the loading space and staff. Please be patient.

Again, besides the other distributed items above, there will be plans to give the above paper and two pieces of paper at random to those who had the “2014 Winter Comiket version” “Animate version” of Scary Stories from a Countryside High School.
Please enjoy these too.

※ In relation to the omake book 3, and all 3 pieces of paper, we’ll publish as much as possible at a later date.
As for the papers, we’re considering releasing the use of online printing.
Please refrain from purchasing from those who resell, and from online auction exhibits.

Requests for that day
① For smooth delivery, if you are near our circle, please be prepared with your money or games.
② If you stand close to our circle, it might be difficult for the other participants to exchange and such. Please be careful.
③ Please refrain from cutting in. We want to savour the kindness of all of Shimaoka. We’re planning on accepting letters until 12. Please give them to the staff in charge.
④ After that, we can’t deal with replacements and such, if there are any defects in your distributed items. If you receive it, we request an early confirmation.
⑤ We want to distribute papers to many people. Please wait for your game software. Please refrain from lending or borrowing.
⑥ We request that you take care of your health and participate within reason.
⑦ Staff will be the ones helping out only on that day. Please refrain from flirting with them.
It’s planned that 13th Unit-kun will get to answer as many questions as possible about Shimaoka Healthland’s participation in Comiket.
Please also use our Twitter.


I look forward to the 29th!

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