Moomin world

Naantali where the Moomin world is situated

Finnish food was delicious, but the stench of this ↑ was terrible!

> Welcome back!

Thank you very much. And my apologies for making you all worry.
Many thanks also for your congratulations on the Jump serialisation. I’m grateful for the chance to draw so many enjoyable things.

> Since you’re now much more knowledgeable about the partnerships in Northern Europe, does that mean that we can look forward to Nordic updates? I love the Nordics!

I’ve been to Finland and heard a lot of cute stories about the relations between the Nordic countries and about design. Once Italy and Germany have finished their sloppy world explanation (?), I plan to focus on each character and country separately in new updates, so the stories about the Nordics will come in due time!

> England’s brothers

They will appear in the manga once I’ve decided on their clothing and initial design, so I’ll reveal who is who then!

> It’s hard to believe they are all elementary school kids

Thank you for having a look at everything! My art is on the cover page and in the middle. The characters from the Schoolyard Horror Stories sometimes look older than Japan and England.

> So excited to see you including more historical figures!

The Roman empire is…. awesome!

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about the Roman Empire and there have been some great discoveries with recent research. They show how emperors who used to be thought stupid for two thousand years were actually very smart (the opposite sometimes too!) I thought it would be interesting to introduce these characters personally.

Speaking of which, this is the discarded Nero manga from before his design changed. He’s still in the old style with dark hair. The explanation is unnecessarily long.

Ancient Rome with a metric system.

Translation: lost_hitsu
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