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It would be nice if there were a game where all of the subjects of the walkthrough were Turkish people.

>I have a school report on my ideal overseas vacation, but I’m lost on where would seem fun!
Since it wouldn’t have an impact if it were the same as everyone else’s, I think that it should be somewhere not major.

I recommend something like the Indian Ocean’s island country, Madagascar!
The cute animals and the ruins of Ambohimanga Hill and such are full of fascinating things with lots of impact.

>Why does Russia-mochi like America-mochi so much?

He’s exceedingly detestable, but on the other hand, he puts him in a good mood.

>Isn’t England lonely without his unicorn?

He was only one of England’s unicorn friends.
He wished, “I want to go to America!” so he went there.
I wonder if he’ll get on well.

Translation: y4nderenka
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