Thank you for your comments!

Thank you for your comments!
Some side notes on the SQ chapter under Read More.

■About “A Dog of Flanders”

Nello: In the future I’ll become super successful.
Nello: If I don’t, then I’ll die.
Nello: *departs with a small smile*

The original Nello is really something.

He’s pretty much a punk kid who lazes around all afternoon with Aloise (chubby) while his grandfather is still alive, and even when he gets a good scolding from Aloise’s father for perfectly justified reasons, he bends and interprets his words in the strangest ways possible.

Despite his image as an idle man, Rome’s most brilliant mind and Minister of Reconstruction Nero-chan, who is multilingual and a skilled diplomat, definitely works way harder than Nello…!!

By the way, Nello’s grandfather, who is providing for him, is 83 years old.
Considering the average age of people in Belgium at the time, he’s surprisingly long living.※
Even though he must’ve not had anything good to eat, not only does he live an amazingly super long life, but he also has the most outrageously robust body that can walk back and forth a distance of at least 12km everyday while carrying a heavy load. He takes care of Mr. Nello, who is a bit of a dependent with a troublesome personality (slacking off quite often by sinking into deep ‘serious’ thoughts or whining non stop), and continues to work with his amazing body until right before he dies. He’s a superhuman to top all superhumans.

In short:
The Grandpa of Flanders is a superman.

During the time of “A Dog of Flanders,” the life expectancy for an Englishman was 47 years. Since lifespans for the British were extending during the industrial revolution, it was even shorter in Belgium.
By the way, modern Belgian men have a life expectancy of 78 years. (2013, World Health Organization)

■America’s “A Dog of Flanders”

When Mr. Nello was halfway on his stairway to heaven, the church door opened with a bang and a bunch of superheroes came together and were all like “Did we make it in time!?” “Nello!” “We are all” “here for you!” Something like that is nice too, but I also like the one where someone suddenly shows up and saves Nello from his peril so the mood just shoots up into a happy ending.

The way they turn it into a happy ending is very American and cute.

■How I chose characters for the poster and volume 3’s color spread

The poster lineup has a sort of circus-like image to them, so that’s why they were chosen.
I drew America and Iceland for the spread on a whim, but they do seem to be able to get along discussing music or pop culture stuff!

Translation: jammerlea, y4nderenka, don_amoeba
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