Amount of the cat

Chinese food, as Americans think of it.

Darnit… what is this, so cute… ////

I’ll have various news and such soon, so please hold on a bit!
I’ve tried my best a lot this month and last month. Fuhahaha
I’ll only reply a little.
Once I get home, I’ll do more illustrated replies.

>I will kill you and steal it.

W-What are you doing, you jerks!?

[T/N: These are lines from a video game called “Romancing SaGa,” in a scene where the main characters kill someone to get an item called an Ice Sword.
“Jerks” is probably a bad translation for “kisamara.” It’s really just the plural of a word for “you,” but it’s very, very aggressive.]

>A character you like from Tokimeki Memorial


[T/N: “Helmet” is apparently a nickname from fans for Megumi Mikihara due to her haircut.]

>Cleaning Prussia

The LM that the minigame part is accustomed to is all finished, so it seems that it’s already become a Windows version.
I’m still in the middle of struggling with the scripts for the minigame part for Macs.

Translation: y4nderenka
LJ | Original

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