Rice noodles in Hong Kong

Ooooh, I wanted to see scenery like this!

And they have round, short and stout buses. So cute.
If Choro-Q had them, I would want them.

[T/N: Choro-Q is a toy car company, known as Penny Racers in Western markets ]

Today’s spoils:

There’s a nice space for Japanese history in Hong Kong bookstores, so I went ahead and bought one of the books.
It introduces lots of things from Japanese culture like stamps and candy and Hanami, using handwritten words and watercolor illustrations.
It’s cute and kind of like a picture book.

[T/N: Hanami]

And in front of the train station I bought two really popular books.
In the back is a comic that’s fully colored. The front one is kind of like what’s called a light novel in Japan.
I don’t get much from the pictures but it looks like it’s made with a ton of silver lamé cloth which looks gorgeous.
There are lots of colored illustrations inside. I’m gonna try and read it.

[T/N: Light novel and lamé]

Translation: nisecal
LJ | Original

Seen at a distance ’cause this was the limit

Hello, it’s Himaruya who after coming home from playing with his friends noticed his Pip Elekiban was completely visible.

[T/N: ピップエレキバン Pip Elekiban, is apparently a kind of, uh… muscle… therapy or something… little tiny circle magnets that you put on your back…yeah.]

Translation: nisecal
LJ | Original