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I'm really sorry for having been so late.

I finished one part of my work and planned to update,
but I apologize for the update being terribly late in order to keep from overworking myself.
I'm really sorry! I'm full of apologies that it's my fault for making you wait so very long.
When I finish one more part of my work, I'll be okay to update,
so I'll really try to hurry to finish it.

Furthermore, thank you for all the warm mail you sent while I was sick and unable to work.
Is it that I was able to become greatly energetic, or is it that I was given a lot of energy?
I think it's that I'm happy to be blessed with such nice fans.
I think that words are very powerful, Thank you very much!

Also, thank you for the Christmas and Valentine's Day presents.
You're all such creative people...!

I'm truly very sorry.
>Since you said, "Everyone will appear,"
please show Saxony and Bavaria nonchalantly appearing...!
Like the German Confederation.

Certainly, I wonder if I was able to show Howard and Saxony and Bavaria and others along with everyone?
It doesn't seem like any more new characters will be able to be introduced this time,
but it's good that it seems I was able to show everyone.

>Mr. Hesse!

Mr. Hesse!
The various German lands also have a lot of interesting states,
so I'm glad I put Hesse, lol.

>In a TV program, Italy had first place in the rankings of countries that don't change occupations!
It seems that it's because Italy has very strong labor unions.

I put this information in the volume, but it's also famous for being a country without much divorce!

>Good morning, sir. I like Mr. Himaruya, and Im Turkish. Im you're fan.
[T/N: A loose translation of not-so-great Japanese.]

Thank you for speaking Japanese from Turkey!
I'm very happy! Please come visit again, okay?

>It's Chinese New Year, but help yourself to what you want!

That's sleep time, isn't it? Lol. I'm becoming like Misawa, lol.
In the second half of February, I'll finish the volume and working on producing Hetalia merchandise,
then sleep like a baby and go out and take pictures.

>I used the wallpaper of the micronations on the site.
The images reflected in the sparkling floor are so lovely. Thank you.

Thank you! Next is the Allies!

>First of all, you're worried about Hakata-dialect, hmm?
Are you okay with it?
Since it's most important that you rest from your illness,
please wear properly warm clothes
and get to bed early!

[T/N: Written in Hakata-dialect.]

Hakata-dialect is so cute-!
Hakata-dialect-speaking idols should seriously appear soon!

>>At the end
Will all of the Allies be present? gleam(*゚∀゚*)gleam

Oui. I both worry and look forward to whether you all will like it or not, so it's a little straining.
Although I've done the site for a long time, even now, I get a little nervous before uploading things.
I'll be happy if you can enjoy it!

>How long do you plan it to be until the Christmas season ends?

It's grown on and on, so I seriously want to finish it by the 25th,
so I'll finish my work as a result of my will-power, too.
I wonder if I've drawn sufficiently enough this month.
After that is text entry on a great number of pages.
I'm sorry it's become so very long!

After this, I have an extreme amount of drawing work to do.
When the volume is over, I want to finish up the game.
My pace for the volume this year was a quick one, and I had this-and-that to do.
I'll persist in looking forward to the seiyuus' voices!

>A special book will come out!?!///I'm really, really happy!////

The plans for the special book are released in the sequence decided by Gentosha,
so if you like, please try to take a peek at it sometime, okay?
I've become busy, but the issue pace is easy to understand and fast,
so I think it's good that the serialization started.

>I look forward to it every month since Hetalia started serialization in Birz!
Please show everyone from Asia and the Nordic countries.

Thank you for getting Birz each month!
Birz focuses on military history content
so I think I already put Asian and Nordic military content in the volume.
Since my number of pages increases starting next time,
I'll be able to show them relatively quickly and such, lol.
Next month's Birz is finally the Allies!

>...By the way, how was the Marmite?

Um... it was certainly the fault of having been able to train myself with licorice that I was able to eat it so normally.
My roommate had assessed, "Why have you bought that?"

>As an unmarried person, I didn't get both Christmas or New Year presents,
so can I please have cat-like Italy?

>What on earth would Italy-mochi be able to win against?

Germany-mochi (lets him win)

>Incidentally, did you know that there's a Latin-American Hetalia community?
Chile is a tsundere, but I love that.

I didn't know, I'm so happy!
Chile is a tsundere? Lol.

Update with one manga strip

Uploaded a new 4koma strip on the main page!
I'm sorry it took so long.
Once I upload the main storyline, this long long Christmas will be finally over.
Thank you so much for all the things you did for me.

Right after that my work continues with the new volume and many other things, I'll do my best to make them really good!

I want the vocaloids from China's house to sing for the hero of Chinese history drama Guan Yu.

[T/N: More info on this vocaloid..]

4-Panel Comic

-W-W-Will be late, sorry.

It will completely straddle the day, but I'll put up a 4-panel comic.

I'm sorry for having been so late reporting this.

I'm sorry for the updates having completely stopped the past few days.
Also, I am just so sorry for having worried you too much...
I had an awful time after having such a long cold.
If there's a vaccination yet, everyone should go get it.

I have put a page up on the site for Christmas trivia comics.
I want to tidy up my work a little today,
so I plan to update around tomorrow.
I have a feeling that I can finish the ending relatively easily.

I'm sorry for having worried you so dreadfully.
Thank you for your concerned mail.

Sorry for being so late with the message.

[T/N: The reason England seems so embarrassed is because he is mimicking this charity calendar for Get Taxi. English video.]
Sorry for being so horribly late with the message. Work kind of keeps prolonging. Since I couldn't put anything up during the night, I'll be uploading works from now on. I'm sorry for having worried you.

I want to update until the end, finish my work, and put the finishing touches on the game. I have a break from drawing Hetalia for the Comic Birz to be released this month, but since I have more pages starting next time, some energetic characters will show up!

Discarded characters

It's not easy to create new characters.


Next update planned around 12 p.m.
Since there is so much to do this year,
I want you all to enjoy my work while I'll be giving my best!

I'm off to Crystal Lake!!

I have meetings today, so it looks like I'll be updating at night.

Christmastime has lasted longer than expected due to all sorts of things piling up,
but don't worry, China's trunks will explode.

Jason is way too cute in the movie "Freddy vs. Jason," I recommend it.

I am so sorry I'm late.

I am so sorry I'm late.
I am uploading the next part and this will be the last of the 4-panel comics.
Two more and all request comic strips are finished.
Thank you for the numerous requests!

I finished what I was doing.

Thanks to you, my cold got better.
I'm sorry for worrying you the past few days.
Since I was finally able to eat New Year's soba,
I feel like 2012 has come.

Anyway, I plan to resume the updates from around 9 PM.

Finnish Horror Movies
A scene from "Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale"?

The first horror scene is of old men with pixellated censors filling the screen.
Finnish horror movies are amazing.

Mr. Khoja

Thank you for the numerous requests.
Because of them I got to draw quite unusual comics and made many new discoveries, I had a lot of fun.

>Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Many various things await me this year, I'm really excited and want to give my best.




Notice 2

> This is going to end today?!
Tomorrow... I'll end this tomorrow...!

> Big sis? Does this mean Luxem is Belgium's little brother?
Luxembourg's term of endearment towards Belgium is "Big sis".
He also calls the Netherlands, Spain, and France with a similar term of affection.*
The Netherlands and Belgium are brother and sister, Netherlands being the older one.

*Rough translation

> Hang in there!
Thank you very much!

Happy New Year!

I hope you will all treat me well in 2012!

Scrapped Comic #1

A lass with a tomboy personality and a wide forehead.
She worked very hard during her teenage period.

Speaking of, in 'Rose of Versailles' I always used to think "What's with her?" when it came to Madame du Barry.
I actually came to like her instead after seeing her life of excessive exuberance.


Looks like I won't be able to finish this until the New Year!
Instead of a hushed ending, I'd rather let all characters appear,
so let's together prolong the Christmas time until maybe the third.
Thank you all for this very interesting Christmas.


> Will ○○ show up?
I plan for everyone to appear!

> How long will the event be?
Iím aiming for New Yearís Day.

> Plans for January.
Suits, (Shit) Cleaning , eat Marmite, mini characters, and 7 Years in that order.

> This monthís Birz
Itís about battlefield rations. The reissued version of the American militaryís rations is interesting.

> 2011
Thank you all so much for this past year!
I hope you will all treat me well in 2012, too!

Request "ghost story of England"

Request: Grandpa Rome

P*nis Swords: They seriously sold them.

Next update 12 o'clock.

Request: "Turkey, the origin of Santa, goes to Iceland's house dressed as Santa"


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