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Original: Kitayume
Transations: y4nderenka, lost_hitsu, spaceinvaderdud
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Requests 2

Until the end of the Edo Period in Japan,
there was no culture saying that nudity was embarrassing,
and the attire also had a lenient feel to it.

Residents at this time write in their notes
also about how it keeps surprising them that,
"Japanese people go to bathhouses and come back in towels!"

But foreign residents in Japan thoughtlessly stared and tried to touch people.
Because they said, "Stop being half-naked!"
the government reformed attire for hot springs and bathhouses,
so it spread rapidly that nudity was something embarrassing.

After that, a preference for modest clothes
that show as little skin as possible took hold.
This era's clothes blend Japanese and Western styles and are outrageously cute.

But after that, people who study abroad
sleep naked, see couples smooching by roadsides and
leave notes like, "Ehh!? Ehhhh!?" and such.
Foreign culture is mysterious.

※ This really exists.

※ They seriously sold them.


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