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Original: Kitayume
Transations: y4nderenka, spaceinvaderdud, lost_hitsu, kashiwamizu
LJ Post: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Well then, introducing our guest, Boss Spain!
'Cuz Netherlands and Belgium's Santas come from my place!
Big Brother Spain, ciao!
Ohh, Big Brother! You're on time for the program! Amazing!
It's quite rare for you to be on time.
It was me. I brought him.
Netherlands, I'm sorry. Here's the usual stuff.
Are you making some black market transaction!?
Hello, Netherlands, Spain.
Hola! Looking forward to working with you today!
… This is an important matter.
Hmph, looking forward to it.
Oh, yeah, I was thinking earlier that it's terribly cold,
but won't it be kinda of cold like this? (Stands up)
Huh? What's up?
Romano's not here, you say?

...They're not underpants, so don't be embarrassed.
There are trunks under. Don't mind the strange design.
Ah... no...

It's fine. I can't see anything thanks to the coat. Don't worry.
...You idiot.
Is that so? It's a relief that you can't see anything.
If that's the case, then I'm not embarrassed. Yeah! That's good!
Well, I'm sure embarrassed! You bastard, you son-of-a-bitch!!

Request: A Happy-looking Latvia

It's Christmas so they're a little more friendly.

Meanwhile in Northern Europe…


↑He was taught to introduce himself properly.

You better take a good shot, potato bastard!
Hmm, that's a good position.
I think it'll be okay if I just put the camera here.?
Captain! There's someone who's hiding his face here!
It'll be better if you join in!
I'm not like Germany who could take the initiative in stating one's opinion
or skillfuly put together a pose.
And please tell me beforehand that this is a worldwide broadcast, idiot.
I could sing Marcelino's song with all my strength just because of the embarrassment.
So you didn't read the invitation properly, huh...
All I can do is to follow as well.
Ah, you two are late.
I understand-!
Well then, as our next guest have already arrived, let's move on to questions and requests.
Hmm? What's wrong, Switzerland?
You guys are so dangerous it made me worry.
I'll stay to observe until the end of the broadcast.
Yes, we are going to observe.
Vee- It feels safe when there's Switzerland~
Ah... Thank you for bringing my trunks...

Isn't this cute?
Nah, it's such a strange taste...
You still don't know much of my tastes~
I'll probably never get to know them all even in a lifetime...
Hmm? What's that, over there?
... I wonder...
There are some strange people...
I think we should pretend not to see...


Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.