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Original: Kitayume
Transations: kurukurumaki, kashiwamizu, nadokaotonashi, spaceinvaderdud
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:....So you’ve always got to be prepared for him to appear at any moment.
It seems like he might come down from the sky today...
Let’s move on....
“Please give me Russia and Japan!
Russia with a mighty smile!"

...was requested.
So the next guest is Russia??
No, not right now.
But later a lot of people will come.
So here’s the requested Japan and Russia.

Looks like a normal operation....
We have a picture of Russia smiling too--

Hmmm, how weird...
What is it, Germany?
About our next guest, they already arrived for quite a while at a normal time,
yet I can't feel their presence...
Don't tell me... the guys from last year...
Can we just stop talking about that!!
Then, let's go to the next request.

Okay! I'll read then!
Let's see...

"I will be happy if Boss gives away his cheerfulness as a good-luck charm"

I like brother Spain's charm too~!

Brother is working! I'm so glad-!
Lately I was stricken with that cheerfulness too as I met with him,
but before it could inspire me to work harder, I got overrun by this sudden urge to knock him down.
But in a sense, it was inspiring enough.
Sorry we are late!
We just arrived!
I'm sorry that we are late.
It's mostly my fault but Germany, everything is your fault anyway.
Why should it be my fault...
The previous group isn't here yet, it's still early.
Austria! Hungary! Buon Natale!!
Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket!
Thank you for inviting us.
Fröhliche Weihnachten
I just hope it won't end up as something vulgar again this year.
As if on cue, the next request is "奧地利"
which is 'Austria' in Chinese.
Let's have a quick look.
I'm so glad we managed on time!
Hungary! What did you just say?

During the transfer between two meetings

Just the same old thing.
Yup, just business as usual.
Oh! It's Germany and Austria doing the usual!
This happens frequently...?
This is what I have become after ordering Germany around for so long.
It is a most terrifying thing.
Although I feel that it goes beyond ordering.
But Austria was pretty strong in soccer 80 years ago, and he even had very mobile troops.
They were not so blessed when it came to generals however.
When he was little he was just fine going out into the wilderness with humble equipment and walking for countless kilometers without eating a single thing!
Anyone can be as out of shape as me if they have an indoor-focused lifestyle.
Do take caution.





Crăciun fericit!!
So sorry we're late...
Sorry we're late!
Man, I never would have imagined that some yogurt would just fall down at that place!
GAH! Bulgaria!
Ciao ciao!
Italy. You forgot to do the "DUN DUN".
Good evening, Mr. Bulgaria and Mr. Romania.

What was that exchange before the greetings all about?!
We were worried about the two of you being late,
but the two of you arriving here safely is all that matters.

(shake shake)
Hm? You do not wish to sit?
When Bulgaria shakes his head, that means yes.
When he nods, that means no.

Aw, damn. I did it again.
Yeah, it's a bad habit of mine.
I've been trying to break it lately though.
Oh and by the way... Should we stop them?

...Yes. I do think it would be better if we stop them.
Something's staring up!?
...Sorry we're late... (second time)


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