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Original: Kitayume
Transations: y4nderenka, spaceinvaderdud, lost_hitsu
LJ Post: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Everyone, thank you for cheerfully answering the questions and requests.
Yeah, grazie-!
Eat as many Italian sweets as you want, okay~?
Hmph, there are so many late people, but we've been able to proceed smoothly without any hindrances.
I'm grateful for your cooperation.
Who will come next?
That's right! Won't Shinatty-chan come?
Shinatty-chan is cute.
Ahh, that legendary...
Germany, Germany!
Thereís this DVD with ďGermanyĒ written on it!
Are we supposed to broadcast this?
I donít remember there being a DVD titled like thatÖ
Well then, shall we watch the contents of the DVD until the next guest arrives?
Mm-hmm. Letís do that.

【Russian Greeting】

(- 3-)

Request: "Russian Greeting"

Why am I seeing another moment I donít want to remember?
Ah! Itís scary to see Russia approaching with that face!!
It would be natural to be surprised at the beginning.


Ahhh, scary!
I believe we should put away this DVD right now.
Mind if I have one more cup of cocoa?
Oh, me too, me too!
Oh and can you guys listen to me for a sec?
Whatís wrong, Spain?
Well, Iíve been haviní a feeling that weíre being watched by someone.
Not only that, I think this personís been here ever since we arrived!
Is that person a girl?!
Oh, I hope itís a girl!
Yeah, Iíve noticed that, too. Iíve predicted on when this person is going to appear.
Weíll ignore it until this person decides to come out.
You seemÖ to be coming very accustomed on how to handle things.

Request: Enthusiastic! Asian group

Request: "Talk, scrapped Luxem!"

【Scrapped Luxem】

The craziest out of all the Luxem character design drafts!
I never thought I'd actually get to draw this again!

Good day~
I wasn't called here, but...
My indirect wrinkles seem to increase if I'm in Australia too long,
So I came here.
ÖÖÖÖ But I have a feeling that you were definitely in Australia a while ago.
Ciao, ciao, New Zealand.
It's summer there. Aren't you cold here?
I'm a major country of making wool, so I'm fine.
Ah, I forgot, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, New Zealand.
Thank you for coming---
I-It's dangerous if you run!
Wesołych Świąt!
Merry Christmas and stuff!
Ah, it's Poland! Ciao! ...Huh?
häid jõule!!
It's a nice night, isn't it, everyone?
Pleeease don't leave me behind!
S-Sorry, we were walking fast, huh?
Good evening, so many of you all match!
Oh, my, what's the matter? This many people...
Well, that's...
Um... a-ah... am I interfering?
Cyprus! Ah, cia---
Hiii! Merry Christmas!
I brought some maple cookies as a souvenir.
Who are you?
He's Canada!!
Ah, everyone's coming! It's so busy!
Hn, Taiwan, like, also came?
Thank you, you came, too, huh?
Shall I make cocoa?
Huh, what's this? It's getting even busier!
It's more incomprehensible than busy...
Ahh, everyone matches. Good evening.
Even if you fucking small fry keep increasing, nothing changes-!
Umm, what should we do?
I'm Romano. Over there is Veneziano.
Remember it perfectly, you bastards...!!
Sorry, ah, but you look similar.
We do not!
Aren't you cute? Won't you come to my house?
I'm fine staying at Canada's house..
Why did it turn out like this?
Isn't it because it's something made by Germany and me,
so it's a given that it would proceed punctually and according to schedule?
That there are seriously this many late people appearing is...
Vee, was it like that?
What, "hmmmm?"
It's Monaco! Monaco, ciao! Ah, did I say "ciao" to everyone?
No, you didn't say it to everyone yet.
Wait a minute, are we just partying?
Why is it halting like this?
Probably too many people gathered here as guests.
It's because the cocoa and sweets are delicious!
In that case, it can't be helped!
I'll help, too.
As the host, if I don't carry out my task regardless of the curcumstances...!
That's right, let's try our best, Captain!
Aye-aye, Captain! I'll try my best and read the next letter!
At least you're not being unreasonable.

Request: ďA joke involving Franceís historyĒ

During a battle in the Napoleonic Wars (the French Army vs. the Russo-Austrian army) France had successfully lured his opponents into disadvantageous terrain by intentionally leaving advantageous terrain open and unguarded and pretending to show openings to his opponents!

Trap army in marsh.

The Russo-Austrian army retreats to the top of the ice just as predicted.

Break the ice with artillery.

After this, Iíll continue with General Winterís vicious rampage.

Napoleonís tactics during this time were incredible.
Even Kanji Ishiwara of the Japanese Army learned his tactics with great enthusiasm!

Request: "Usual England"


Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.