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Hetalia World☆Stars

Chapters 1-24, Chapters 25-61, Chapters 62-124, Chapters 125-234

Character Profiles
Chapter 235: Let's Get Rid of the New Year's Mood Soon and do Our Best Together (2017/01/09)Russia
Belarus, Estonia, Japan, Lithuania
Chapter 236: A Winter that Brings Back Memories... (2016/01/13)Russia
Chapter 237: A Long-Awaited Visit... (2017/01/16)Latvia, Moldova, Russia
Chapter 238: His Ardent Wish Won't Reach... (2017/01/20)Latvia, Moldova, Russia
Chapter 239: Ms. Taiwan is Looking Melancholic Today, Too... (2017/01/23)America, Taiwan
Chapter 240: 'Tis the Season for Fluffiness (2016/01/27)Nekotalia Germany, Nekotalia Italy, Nekotalia Japan
Chapter 241: About Great Brit-nyan's Sleeping Place... (2017/01/30)Nekotalia England, Nekotalia France, Nekotalia Italy
Chapter 242: Anything Goes! (2016/02/03)Nekotalia England, Nekotalia France, Nekotalia Italy
Chapter 243: Japanese History Learned With Cats! (2017/02/06)Nekotalia Italy, Nekotalia Japan, Nekotalia Netherlands
Nekotalia England, Nekotalia France
Chapter 244: Intensely Curious Americat (2016/02/10)Nekotalia America, Nekotalia Japan
Chapter 245: The Demise of Nyational... National Isolation (2017/02/13)Nekotalia America, Nekotalia Japan
Chapter 246: Taken Back Home~! (2016/02/17)Nekotalia America, Nekotalia Japan
America, Japan
Chapter 247: A Tail He Wants to Fluff-... (2017/02/20)Nekotalia Japan, Nekotalia Russia
Japan, Nekotalia America
Chapter 248: Gather, O Kitties! (2016/02/24)Nekotalia America, Nekotalia Japan
Nekotalia Austria, Nekotalia England, Nekotalia France, Nekotalia Italy
Chapter 249: Endless Pawing... (2017/02/27)Nekotalia Japan, Nekotalia Russia
Chapter 250: Japaneko's Situation is... (2016/03/03)Japan, Nekotalia Japan
Nekotalia Russia
Chapter 251: Stuffed With Chubbiness (2017/03/06)Nekotalia England, Nekotalia Japan
Nekotalia Russia
Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.