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Original | Scanlation: may-chan, kenischi-bokushi, y4nderenka
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Production costs: The cost of giving the actors sweets

Hello, I'm Estonia.
As befitting an IT empire, I recently started a blog.
Please do visit it.


【The Wife Carrying Convention】

A famous and strange festival in Finland where
participants race while carrying their wives.
Its origins are too amazing.
Estonia nabs the first place every time.


【The Estonian Website Hacking Incident】

In 2007, Estonia's official government websites
were hacked and turned into pro-Russia sites
displaying the Russian flag.

Sure enough, the culprit was...

■America to the rescue!■

It was really like that....
Even if the internet fee wasn't as bad as before, and even though there were often days when it was slow and hard to connect to, America's site had things like the entire page in totally full heavy Flash, gigantic images, entire movies, and music fully equipped.

■The Chase■

But thanks to America's help,
the hunt for the hacker progressed steadily.

It turns out the hacker was a Russian-Estonian. It seems that therefs a high percentage of hackers in Estonia and Russia.


the end

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.