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■The Principality of Wy-chan & the Mysterious Sealand■

【The Principality of Wy-chan】

She wasn't able to build a highway in her house so she went independent.
Prince Paul is an artist who wears a crown of cloth and often goes out to sketch.
Their official site is cozy and confusing but cute.
Her famous senior (senpai) The King of the Principality of the Hutt River is also there.

It might seem kind of sad for a girl to have such eyebrows but I had a lot of troubles with her character design and so it finally ended up like this.

■ Jump Unsuccessful! Mr. Seborga Appears! ■


Originally an independent nation, before he knew it he was a part of Italy.
So then they thought, "Let's be independent!" and declared as such.
However even after the Declaration of Independence, they peacefully continued to live as Italians.
They were all kinds of exhilarated after being in the spotlight for going independent.


If you say "Sealand" in Okinawa, then it's more like, "Great fishing ♪"




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