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■ It's a treasure box of countries ■

Even among the micronations there are some eccentric personalities.


An artist.
Maybe trying to declare independence could be an art too.


A mysterious and aloof micronation in America's state Nevada.
いつもはアメリカに税金納める真面目さんだが よそからはかっこよく思われたい年頃。
His hairstyle is a mix between a soft mohican and a pompadour.

Hutt River

Wy's senior
A person who is oddly flashy and way too free spirited.
Famous in Australia.
Of the micronations, his home is relatively developed.

Nikko Nikko Republic

A self-proclaimed independent nation that tried to in Japan.
He's returned to being a normal Japanese citizen but there are still vestiges of his existence.
Likes Radium Eggs.


An internet-based country that was founded by Swedish artists.
(Thinking that he is) Having a war with Sweden.

The thing he wears on his chest is the legendary golden apple.
Well basically, he is/looks like (?) an elementary school student.
By the way, the flag looks all green but it actually has a green Scandinavian Cross on it.
Can't see it because it was too green~
Also, the flash video of anthem of Ladonia is amusing. [video]

Traveling to Ladonia is easy

Molossia wikipedia [English Page]

Kugelmugel wikipedia [English page]

Hutt River wikipedia [English page]


·New members are all male.

·Mr.The Republic of Nikko Nikko became normal Japanese and grows old like normal but it might be difficult for the usual countries to revert back to normal people.

Usually, when the culture or the country's personality dies/disappears, the country would gradually disappear or entrust him/herself to the country that takes over him/her.

There are also cases that him/her is not a country but continues to live leisurely as a representative of a region.

·No matter where they are, the reasons that founded micronations are amazing!

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.