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■Finland's Holiday Home■

■The Battle for the New World■

Set somewhere in the 17th century.
The period fashion has so many frills around the collar, it's cuuute.

【We're messing with Holland!】

Sweden and Finland, together with German mercenaries,
continued to pioneer the North American continent and created a colony,
New Sweden (It's currently in the state of Delaware).
In their overenthusiasm, however, they provoked the nearby Dutch settlement
and called in a fierce attack from the Dutch forces.
Sweden and Finland were beaten, their territory and houses taken,
and they were chased away from the new continent.

Sweden's hopes and dreams for America were lost without a trace:
the tragic fate of the Swedish dominion.

【America, at this time】

He's more like an ingredient for a country right now, to be frank.
The East Coast in the 17th century is like a cauldron for the birth
of unique American culture, which may well have been a sign.

■ Our Little Brother ■

Now that I mention it, though France and England quarrels with each other a lot,
they immediately band together if a third person joins the fray. Strange, these two.

■ England the Flag Crusher ■
T/N: Flag Crusher refers to a person who is oblivious to
or unknowingly turns down affectionate and/or romantic advances on themselves.
[I've thought about "England the Oblivious/Clueless",
but it just doesn't get the same thing across.]

T/N: Most of you know this, but just in case : 'Oniichan' can suggest great endearment, adoration, etc.

■Fuck You ■

【As long as we get to kick France's arse】

France and England were fighting over America just around the same time
as the Austrian Succession Wars and the Seven Years' War.

T/N: If you've read that strip : there were originally author's notes that mentioned
how France and England were already fighting elsewhere
and were just looking for another place to duke it out.
Well, now you know where and why.

Anyway, as England figured anything goes as long as he gets to beat France up,
he kept allying with any side at all that happens to be France's enemies.

Austria Succession Wars : France & Prussia & Free State of Saxony, etc vs Austria & England
Seven Years' War : France & Austria & Russia vs. Prussia & England

■ Battle : Coup de Grace ■

Afterwards, England gained stewardship of the Americas. However...

■ An Older Brother's Sense of Responsibility ■

If it's strength alone, he's already awesome.

England looked for all kinds of freedoms unthinkable
back home in America; taxes, religion, trade, everything.
It's part of the reason why America is called the Land of Freedom.

Because he was relatively tolerant of religion forms,
America became a melting pot for various cultures, arts and crafts.
Soon, he began to grow an industrial prowess and rivalled England himself.

And this story continues.

By the way, England managed to gain control of America
in a short, short time of 10-20 years.

【Historical Figure in the Early Settlement Period, Pocahontas (Matoaka)】
1595-March 21st, 1617

A Native American girl who continuously helped the European colonists.
It seems 'Pocahontas' was her nickname.
Originally from the 20,000-people strong Powhatan Confederacy in Virginia.

Her father was the chief of the Powhatan Confederacy,
and she often went to play in the English settlement of Jamestown.

A kind girl that used to sneak food to the colonists
when they had trouble in midwinter.

Once, the Powhatans abducted the Englishmen
as well as took many weapons and other supplies,
so Jamestown retaliated by taking Pocahontas hostage to demand their return.

However, they did not receive a good answer from the Powhatan chief.
The most miserable one in this was, of course, Pocahontas,
and perhaps as a result, she used the time spent in captivity
to learn the English language, customs, and got herself baptised.

While this curious girl was hostage, she made friends with many people.
John Rolfe proposed to her and she happily married him.

The Powhatan chief accepted news of this wedding
and sent them their blessings. It was the beginning of a friendship
between Jamestown and the Powhatan Confederacy,
which looked to mark a time of peace at last. However...

After her marriage, Pocahontas went to London with her husband.
She was accustomed to the beautiful, clear air of Virginia,
and thus fell ill and died in London's perpetual smog.
As if to follow her, her father died soon after.

Not too long afterwards, the Powhatans began to attack Jamestown.
A country and a village that used to be friends
were engulfed in the flames of war.
Their peace held for even less than five years.

This marks the beginning of the dispute between those
who wanted to coexist with Native Americans
and those who wanted to chase them out altogether.

Pocahontas' line still lives on in certain old families in Virginia.

John Rolfe was an admirable man who first
successfully grew tobacco in the Americas.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.