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■Netherlands and Isolationist Japan■

Netherlands came!

In 1852, Netherlands who have been watching the other countries' movements came to warn Japan about USA coming after him.

■A slap for the Dark Spirit■

I'm melting!

【Netherlands and Japan】

Japan used to have exchange with England, Spain, and Portugal too, but after the isolation, the one who he kept in touch with was Netherlands. (By the way, because Spain and Portugal felt like they could be dangerous, they got kicked out.)

Despite being in isolation, Japan always managed to get fast information about Europe from the Holland Scripture (阿蘭陀風説書) Netherlands always brought with him every time which summarized the happenings in Europe and its surroundings.

And the three-layered cape was a usual type of coat of the time. Totally cool.

【Surrounded Japan】

In the beginning of 19th century, European and American ships began to sail around Japan's surroundings!

Before USA, there were other countries who tried to break Japan's isolation. Among them, "that country" became rather pitiful, but we'll discuss about that later.

【Pet Chat】

【Netherlands and Belgium】

In 1815, Netherlands wanted to make the United Kingdom of Netherlands with his long estranged sister Belgium.

Because of the long 200 years of separation, the attempt at uniting Netherlands (who mainly worked with trade, leaning towards England who was Protestant) with Belgium (who was mainly agricultural, and strongly influenced by France who was Catholic) didn't work well, ending up with Belgium declaring her independence in 1830.

■Japan's Opening Cinema■




【Give me a light】

Matches were already invented back then,
but the ones at that time were super dangerous.
When you inhale its emission, it's poison gas.
When you carry it around with you, it ignites.
Even when you do nothing to it, it's still injurious somehow.
So it's said they had a lot of trouble just smoking...

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