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■ To your heartís content, Russia! ■

Russia decided to build a waterway that would connect Leningrad with the White Sea.
Since it was something that Stalin had thought of on a whim, true to the maxim:
"Build it immediately, within the next 2 years", or
"Since there's no money, there's no materials or anything. Well, keep working"
the final structure turned out positively Russian in quality.

■ To your heart's content, Russia! 2 ■

And so, Russia did construction work.
However, all that was available on site were wheelbarrows and shovels.
In an era when cars were running through the streets and
airplanes soared through the skies, they used wheelbarrows and shovels.
Even though it was the 20th century, they were working on an ancient Egyptian level.

And the time span for completion was just one year.

Can you even build a canal, Russia!?

■ To your heart's content, Russia! 3 ■

Amidst this ugly situation, Russia was somehow able to build a canal.
However, it became clear that, thanks to a mistake made by the designers,
ships would not be able to pass through it.
The canal they had worked so hard to build was completely useless.

That they did not notice this in the beginning is true to the Russian heart.

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