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Original | Scanlation: lost_hitsu

Unearthing sketches from my desk.


Don't mind how small the censored part is.(ー`*)

■Female Axis Powers■

From left Germany, Italy, Japan


I drew her a bit cute.(ー`*)


I get this regular urge to draw goth lolis.

Sketches from the time when I started to draw Hetalia.

Korea looks like my Korean friend Moro. (haha)
Also China's hair and face stayed the same but his personality is pretty different.(´ー`*)
China's character took me the longest to figure out among the Allies.

Sketches from the scene where Japan gets a ride from Italy. Under that is Rome returning from heaven to scold his clumsy grandson. Then he teaches him how to make a delicious pizza and gives a report about it to Germany... That was a strange one.

First attempts at Japan. Waaah
Japan used to be much more of a military man, very serious and entirely inflexible. I planned to make him into a young man that barely speaks and nobody really knows what he is thinking, but as I explored his personality further he became a pretty natural albeit still serious character. Had Japan stayed the same as I had originally planned, he would probably decapitate America during the time when the isolation ended.

These sketches were a comic about Italy recommending wine to Japan, where Germany thinks Japan is still underage and tries to stop him. "But I am the oldest one here", he declares.
Italy laughs and Japan is about to cut him in half, that's the story. The Japanese simply look too young wherever they go.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.