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LJ Post

■ World War Posters are Funny ■

During the World War, it seemed that every country created their own posters
but they end up becoming rather overzealous in pouring out their emotions,
though the cultural bits are quite interesting.

■ America's Posters ■

America, the characters will crash forward with bright basic colours
with striking designs and many of them generate a comical atmosphere.
Beautiful girls with big boobs will say [Crush them] and
the hero with a smile will be crushing Japan, Germany and Italy.
Their way of expressing is quite straightforward.

■ England's Posters ■

Hes much crueler compared to other countries.
Their caricature and black jokes are actually quite funny.
And they seem to hold no bars when it comes to spreading jokes about Germany.

Ironically, England's posters have the most amusing jokes
and it is highly recommended.

■ France's Posters ■

On the other hand, France works hard on eroticism.

He tends to satirize the good relationship of the Axis countries,
Germany and Italy through his caricatures and cartoons of German and Italian soldiers.
His resentment was quite obvious...

Furthermore, he drew a number of variations with the same material.
With most of the WW Posters that are found,
France can publish his own erotic doujin.
It seems that the French were ahead of their time.
(The bosses of the countries also become their prey...)

By the way, it feels as though France's posters have a delicate
touch with more settled colour tones characteristic and
a higher artistic value compared to the two countries above.
It is decorated in this manner. I kinda want it.

He also jokes about his fellow companions, England and America,
you can sense France's nature through it (laughs)
[It is a long road] Now that's friends. Friends!

■ Afterwards... ■

Russian posters have a lot of funny designs but they are really cool.
There are quite a large number of Soviet poster collectors too.

But because of their heavy indulgence in designs,
the message seems to have lessened.

■ Lastly, in other places... ■

On the other hand, Finland created really cute posters!

And Italy continue to make [Germany will protect us!] posters.
He also made a lot of posters about the benefits of relying on others.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.