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■Summary of the War of Austrian Succession■

■Difficult Times■

A long time ago, in the 18th century,
there were two lovebirds
named Charles VI, Holy Roman emperor,
and Elisabeth-Christine of

However, they were not blessed
with children and spent
many years worrying about this.

And then Maria Theresa of Austria
was born.
Afterwards, Christine gave birth
to two daughters, however,
her physical condition worsened after that
and they were never blessed
with children again.

Then Charles thought of making his
eldest daughter his successor.
Thus, started the long trials and hardships
between Austria and the House of Hapsburg.

■ You May Be Theresa, but We'll Never Accept You as a Queen ■

Europe, at the time, would only recognize
a male to be successor to the royal family.

Therefore, Charles VI made visits around
surrounding countries, like
France and various countries in the Holy Roman
Empire (Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, etc.),
to comprimise with them to accept Maria Theresa
as the next in line to succeed him.
(Austria, at this time, looked like it was having many things taken...)

However, during a hunting trip, Charles VI's
health worsened and he died suddenly.
At only the age of twnety-three,
Maria Theresa was Queen and had the burden
of leading the fate of Austria
and its people.

Well, those who overlooked that detail
were surrounding countries.
Afterall, it was just a twenty-three year old queen
who knew nothing of government and politics.
And Austria was gradually
weakening at this time.

The countries who "accepted"
Maria Theresa as queen
turned their backs on her as soon as
Charles VI's death had passed.

From Prussia, "I will not accept a queen. Silesia is mine!"
From Bavaria, "I will not accept a queen. The right to the throne is mine!"
From Saxony, "I will not accept a queen. I'll be taking Moravia now!"

From France, "I will not accept a queen. I'm with Bavaria on this!"
From Spain, "I'm cool with having a queen. However, tragic circumstances have occurred,
so I agree with France."

As you can see,
they were half-hearted reasons.
With Austriea weakened,
and just ready to be taken,
the major powers' opinion at the time was
that as long as they have a reason to invade,
everything will be fine.

Betrayed by everyone he knew,
Austria, being surrounded on all sides by enemies,
was a cornered mouse in this situation.

However, the members of Austria's Diet
were incompetent fools so they said,
"Just give up Austria now~."

Maria Theresa's thoughts,
"These guys are useless...
I need to do something fast!"

Looking back, everyone, including Austria's Diet,
underestimated what this little Queen
could do.

■ Austria's Crushing Defeat ■

And then, six months after
Charles VI's death,
Prussia captured Silesia
for their own.

You should know the developments afterwards.
With Austria having nothing
but a rackshackle army,
and Prussia's well trained army,
and Prussia's well trained amry, that they've
strengthened during these six months,
the difference was overwhelmingly evident.

And above all,
Prussia's superior, Frederick II of Prussia,
was a military genius.
Austria had quite an uphill battle to face!

It was a swift ass-kicking.

Afterwards, Prussia and Austria agreed
to a ceasefire if Austria gave up Silesia.

...However, France, grinning like crazy
alongside Bavaria, invaded Austria.
When Prussia saw this, he said,
"You guys aren't getting all the territory!"
and decided to invade Austria once again,
completely ignoring the ceasefire.
This is a perfect example of group lynching.

Maria Theresa's move during this
was to go to Hungary in person
and request assistance from there.

There was still strong dissatisfaction
in Hungary of Austria's
recent past actions.
And Maria brought her new born son
with her to Hungary
which was seen as incredibly reckless.

But still, Maria spoke to the Diet of Budapest
in a mourning dress every day.
With tears in her eyes,
and her son in her arms,
she pleaded with them to save Austria from its crisis.
The hearts of the Hungarians
were moved by this.
And they pledged their lives to fight for
the sake of Queen Maria Theresa.

Federick II's thoughts at the time were,
"The actions of a 3-D woman are certainly terrifying."

the advancing Hungarian army at the time
was horrifying powerful, it seems.

The Hungarian army,
being much more skilled than the Austrian army,
not only took back Silesia,
but they also drove back away any of the
allied forces after Austrian territory!

It's a good thing Austria
didn't make Hungary its enemy!

Russia, seeing both sides
being worn down by their continued fighting,
felt a twinge in his blood and said aloud,
"Let me join in the fighting!"

"If Russia gets involved, then he'll
use Austria as a foothold,
and try to dominate us!"
...is what Prussia and France thought,
shaking in fear.

October 18th, 1748
The treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle was immediately signed.

■Maria Theresa's Revenge■

Eventhough every territory
was protected, except Silesia,
the safety of the crown returned,
Silesia was still under Prussian control.

Thinking that the future of Austria
was bleack if it stayed the way it was,
Maria Theresa immediately
enforced reforms to strengthen Austria.

Maria fired all the incompetent
members in the Diet, and scouted for talented people,
without regards to social standings,
to replace them,
created army training schools,
encouraged the development of medical facilities,
and rebuilt Austria from the inside.

Maria's objective, "Take back Silesia!"
Then the curtains to the Seven Years' War rose.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.