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Original | Scanlation: lost_hitsu

■Austria and the Cat Festival■

Belgium's famous Cat festival
Apparently the city centre is completely crowded with cats.

■Holy Roman Empire and the cat■

I originally wanted to introduce Belgium but her character design is still yet to get solid in my head so this time it's just a mention of her. The designing of new characters always takes me ages by the way (haha)

In Austria's case, I've been despairing for two days (*´∀`*)
England was a tough one too.
Actually, England's initial design was a lot like Austria's. Now I think it would have been the best choice|・∀・)
Russia was difficult as well.
His first design was that of a kind and a bit sluggish country bumpkin that undergoes a transformation when he drinks alcohol.

On the other hand, Germany and Italy appeared together with the plot as complete characters in some two seconds, just as they are now. The idea for Hungary hit me rather quickly too.

The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Czech republic, Ethiopia, Libya... So difficult, what to do! (haha)

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