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■The World of War and the Fool of Owari■

To be continued (Will update during today)
Incidentally, here's a page about carp sushi.
It's the Secret stench weapon of the people born in Shiga Prefecture.
It reeks but apparently it tastes really good.

The Hans that have made an appearance thus far:

Michinokukuni Sendai-han

After the death of the One-Eyed Dragon, this clan ran down the path to becoming Japan's Italy. Ignoring the lords, Retainers fighting with each other was a daily matter. They'd go out to battle and then since lunch didn't come to them, they'd head back home again. The Sendai warriors were so useless, they were nicknamed "Dongori."
(This was because when they would hear a cannon go "DON!" they'd scramble around helter-skelter for 5 Ri.)
I think it is somehow a very lovable han.
Michinokukuni Aizu-han

A very serious and loyal clan, but unfortunately too hard-headed to keep up with the changing times.
In the Boshin War, Aizu was persisted in fighting loyally until the very end, but because Sendai dragged him down, his sister Miharu got him, and he was defeated. After this, he fell into poverty.
Kagakuni Kanazawa-han

The atmospheric towns of Kanazawa are his pride and joy. It rains a lot and so he's a little moody and depressed. Instead of fighting, he'd very much prefer to look at and create works of art, or to compose poetry.
Hitachikuni Mito-han

Logical, spirited, and grouchy are the three traits that this clan is famous for. He gets ticked off and then he forgets about it by the next day. He's got a strong sense of justice, but he's also got an enormous ego. If his sense of justice runs out of control, he'll cause a lot of trouble.

This clan, an ancient capital of commerce, was called "The World's Kitchen." Osaka doesn't worry to much about what his boss says and as a result, he is very friendly with his peers. He has a very good business sense. Because he's been spoiled by eating a lot of delicious things, he's intensely picky about food.

Furthermore, almost as soon as Osaka was created, they stopped being a han, and became a shogunate controlled fief under the Bakufu government.

Has an individualistic and candid personality. Very vocal about money and food. Always goes at their own pace and not only doesn't get swept along by others, but in fact is often left out when with the other hans due to their weird personality that has no interest in conforming to everyone else. Good at inventing strange foods. Has a complicated relationship with Mikawa.

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