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■Maria Theresa and the War of Austrian Succession■

In 1740, Maria Teresa assumed the positions of the Archduchess of Austria and the Queen of Hungary. But because she was the first female Hapsburg archduchess, there were many of those who opposed the act, and of course the one who picked the most holes in the plan was that one country that also belonged to the Holy Roman Empire.

The Holy Roman Empire may seem like one huge country, but in reality it was just a group of many smaller nations with Austria more or less holding them together.

But as Austria begun to lose power, another kingdom from the Empire - Prussia - said, "Hey, your boss is a woman, give us some land!" and the Prussians swiftly attacked.


■And so somehow the fight started■

A simple explanation of the relationships during the War of Austrian succession.

In order to crush Austria, Prussia teamed up with France; and the third member of the Bad Friends, Spain, somehow fell into their company too. Two more countries from the Holy Roman Empire, Saxony and Bavaria, also joined the group, and as a result the "Let's smash Austria to pieces" force was a pretty large one.

But the only country that directly supported Austria against such a huge enemy force was Britain.
For the simple reason that France's foes are Britain's friends.

But this chaotic schema will only get more confusing.

■Let's take it easy■

□Spain VS Austria□

This is how the War of Austrian succession looked like. Basically, everybody just bullying Austria. At one point, Northern Italy (Milan) got caught in a war between between France and Prussia, not noticing Spain surrounding him from the South until he got kidnapped.

Battles fought against Spain during the War of Austrian succession. Even though he first managed to take over Milan, another part of Italy, Sardinia, sided with Austria and the attempt to recapture all of Italy failed.

He still has debts to pay. Good luck, Spain!

■Austria Lost the First Battle■

Once the progress of the war stopped being favourable, Austria's last ray of hope, Britain, switched to neutral status.

■France the Habitual Looter■

It's an ancient French habit to nibble on leftovers of nations that were beaten by somebody else.

Spain beaten into a mush by Britain, the Netherlands and Portugal? Why not provoke a conflict to steal some more border territory!
Austria losing against Prussia? Let's just shamelessly storm over Prague!

(Prague was captured, but the fierce counteratack by Maria Teresa's raging leftover army, together with food shortage, made the French give up on it in less than a year.)

Inviting himself to Spanish territory because "My bride's land is my land"...
Recognizing the moment when China is in its weakest to team up with Britain and poke it...
Demanding astronomically high reparations even if he himself was losing...
For centuries, the French ways of attacking were pretty repulsive...

But once the other side does the same, he is suddenly offended!

Since the French army was used to this type of warfare for centuries, they had very little of actual military force. Even though they knew there was a war coming, the preparations were insufficient and the railroads couldn't be used by the army, and so whole regiments merrily walked through hills and valleys and of course ended up deadly tired even before the battle started. As a result, a several ten thousand strong French army was defeated by a bunch of English soldiers and ten thousand of them were taken prisoners. And then there was that one time just two centuries ago when the French army lost by

During the Crimean war, the French waited until lunch time to start their attack.
They managed to drive the Russians away.

Most of the French victories have this sort of attack behind them...

■Reinforcement from Hungary■

Maria Theresa actually took the trouble to personally travel to Hungary to collect reinforcements. It is said that she appeared in front of the Hungarian parliament while holding her few months old, crying son in her arms, and pleaded: "Please, save Austria! You are our only hope!" What a brave mum!

■Hungary was Freakishly Strong Back Then■

The story continues with the Seven years war!

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