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Original | Scanlation: hikari-kaitou, xicedlemonteax, lost_hitsu, aselav
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■Turkey and the EU■


From the very start Turkey has made an appeal that they want to join the EU, but they still haven’t let him in.

Even after they turned into a minus after the Lehman shock, they worked hard in 2010 and 2011 including the very good economic growth rate (Although there still are a lot of trade deficits…). He is starting to become so close with EU members that they are freely trading with each other, so Turkey is becoming quite noticed.

But it is sad that even though they had requested to join since the 1970s, other countries that requested to join later have joined faster than them. Even in tourist resorts, Turkish guides will squeeze this story in suddenly while they're talking.


【String puller Germany】
There is lately a rumour going around in European newspaper and internet
"As Greece joined the EU, Germany clearly predicted the current situation!"
And based on that the theory: Well, was it Germany's doing after all?


■Butter Crisis!■

The Norwegian butter crisis! Because of the recently popular diet methods, the demand for butter got so large that it practically disappeared from shops, as the news from everywhere informed.

But then Denmark came with the "Let's save Norway's Christmas!" plan, and offered butter support free of charge.

Since it's so cold in the Nordic countries, it isn't surprising that the calorie intake there is rather high, so high in fact that it can put to shame even a calorie imperium like America. Adding butter alone can possibly help with the digestion.
Something that probably won't be a good idea in warmer countries....



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