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Original | Scanlation: hwoosh, kazeyumi
LJ Post

■ England and the Naked Man ■

England's sex education was really erotic.
Uncensored and fully detailed, shameful Japanese sex education AVs.
By the way, all of this flowed through air-born signals.
Gay AVs flowed in too. England is too amazing.
Erotic anime flowed into Spain as well. This has become a major social problem though...

T/N1: France says the darnest things in my opinion o_o オナニー = masturbation... Unless there's really one in the UK.. Iunno xDDDD

■ England and Baby America ■

T/N2: America calls England "Igirichu", which is really just his childish way of saying "Igirisu"...
T/N3: America really did say 共食い which translates to cannibalism~ But it could also translate to 'mutual destruction' or 'damaging each other'

A long time ago, although just for a short while,
Spain was one of the strongest countries in the world.
Meanwhile, England, who secretly despised Spain,
thought of a plan that would kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

At that time, pirates who only brought trouble
around England's perimeter were finally put to good use.

Queen Elizabeth herself held a conference
with the pirates and negotiated with them.
"If you're able to bring Spain down, I promise you rice, and security.
We will not arrest you either." was the unbelievable terms established.

Like so, the attack on England's ships stopped
while Spain's merchant ships were then continuously attacked by the pirates.

England's ships were nimble so Spain's Invincible Armada
ended up not being very invincible after all.

T/N4: Oh look! Research! The Spanish Armada~

While England tolerated the screams, smirking.

Of course, Spain protested against England for it but...

After that, without any notice,
the pirates continued to attack Spain.
Because Spain prospered on trade,
what the pirates were doing caused them serious damage.

But England still pretended not to see.

Spain angrily protested over and over again but...

When Spain came back to protest once again,
he saw with his very own eyes,

an award ceremony for the pirates.

Spain, who agreed to England's provocation,
was beaten up so very badly
and his seat was then stolen by England.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.