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Original | Scanlation: hwoosh, kazeyumi, sainta9-alice
LJ Post: 1, 2

■England's Hairstyle■

England hated France so much that the bishop cut the hair of men with long hair.
"Don't forget the English Soul!" he said as he chopped them off.

The time is the 11th century
During this period, French long-hair hairstyle was popular in England.
Since the King was a big fan of French culture,
no matter what the class, all the people had long hair.

On that note, anyone in England had their hair long but in France,
it was strictly limited to privileged classes.
They didn't think of creating new hairstyles at all.

And because England was tainted with French culture, Bishop Wulfstan was disappointed.

T/N1: Oh look! Research! Apparently, he really does hate men having long hair,
saying "How can you defend your homeland if you imitate women?"

The hatred of worshipers towards long hair deepened to the point
that they would kneel in front of people with long hair as if to ward off evil spirits.

Threatened, they cut their hair.
T/N2: Well, literally it'd be more like "drop you to hell" but that sounds awkward

Around this time, metal was polished and they used anything shiny.
By using glass that shows reflection, they invented a mirror in the 14th century.
The mirrors today were invented during the 19th century, which is surprisingly recent.

■ Me and Goldy ■

T/N3: 俺と金色 literally "me and the color gold"~ Tho thru context, I'm guessing it's more like France's petname for
golden-caterpillar-England, hence the title~

■Revenge! Quaint episodes about the long tunics■

【The Long tunics】
A girlish, long and frilly tunic that came into fashion in the 11th centrury.
It's feminine look and spontaneousness
made the intellectuals of those days tumble about in disgust.

This was during the Norman conquest,
(The Normans conquering England…which may literally sound striking,
but then it was just the French culture becoming popular among the civilians
after the French and the pro-French people took over the ruling class,
which outwardly seemed perfectly peaceful.)

so at this time, things that became popular in France?
also becomes popular in England but they seem slightly off...
was the phenomena that happened among their fashion.

■I'm going to show it off to Boss Spain!■

I like how they're obvious.

【Spaniards are good at praising people.】

They praise you anyhow so I was seriously bewildered back when I just
arrived to the States, since I still wasn't used to be flattered!

Just lay your pleasure on the line.


T/N: outside loop: a yo-yo trick

■Extra Strip■

Penis CoverCodpiece】

A pocket that's attached to the crotch.
A style that came into fashion in order to emphasize manliness.

I've made England a little boy at the sequel above,
so just consider this one as an extra strip.

The penis casecodpiece became popular after quite a while,
so England should actually be bigger there.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.