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Original | Scanlation: kawaiipinay, puelladespero
LJ Post

■ Iggy-Iggy Annoyance ■

Drunk England is the strongest.

England gets drunk and runs amuck,
causing trouble in Poland and Greece:
Stark-naked in Poland
Stark-naked in Greece

When talking on the phone, England is naked.
It seems that, according to survey results,
1/3 of all British people answer the phone in the nude.

Guide to England’s Nude Spots
“McDonald’s is delicious! More delicious than bad restaurants!”
Rave Reviews from England’s Michelin 3-star chef

1. “McDonald’s is delicious” – Marco Pierre White, an award winning English chef,
prefers McDonald's. A slightly different article with the same gist
(written in English) here. Make of this what you will.
2. The nude spot link is dead.
3. Valley-girl English is, like, so totally harder than it looks, ok? :D

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